About Our Studio

Small business owners wear a lot of different hats. From accounting to production, to operations and customer service- conceptualizing and executing marketing on top of that is no easy task. 

That’s where we come in. AMPLIFY by Design is a multidisciplinary design studio that specializes in working with small scale and startup businesses. Having worked closely with many different clients- small and big, old and new-I know that every company can benefit from having a partner that can help them 1. Come up with ideas to market their business, 2. Recognize the ideas worth developing, and 3. Develop them in ways that benefit their business. 

Let’s AMPLIFY your business together.

Our Principles

To be a trustworthy partner for each of our clients. 

We build long term relationships with our clients based on trust and dependability.  

Non egocentric approach. 

Design is a process, and honest & critical feedback is crucial for effective development. Tell us what you’re really thinking. You’ll never offend us, our focus is entirely on you. 

Inclusive branding strategies We are committed to representing diversity and inclusivity in the content we produce.

My Story

I know what it’s like to start at step one. From my first client and a big dream, and to feel overwhelmed about where to begin. 

Amy Funahashi


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